EVO magazine

evo is the world’s leading sports, performance and premium car magazine brand.

Devoted to the ‘thrill of driving’, evo puts the reader behind the wheel of the most exciting cars in the world with professional car reviews, exciting adventures and dynamic group tests.

Up-to-date news, opinion, technology and buying guides complete the evo proposition.

evo magazine was launched in the UK in November 1998, but since then has become a truly global brand with 16 licensed editions.

As of September 2014, the evo print edition is licensed in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine.

In the digital space, evo.co.uk delivers sports, performance and premium car news and reviews to a growing audience. A major redevelopment of the evo website was completed in September 2014, resulting in more content, more galleries and more videos.

evo’s award-winning app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle, and introduces true interaction to the excitement of driving.

On YouTube, evo is one of the fastest growing-motoring channels. With regular content and outstanding production values, evo films are becoming the go-to destination for high-quality automotive videos.